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Welcome to Club Ashdown’s Yoga Room

Here at Club Ashdown we offer welcoming yoga classes designed to suit everyone
We know that anyone can do yoga. No matter how young or old you are, whether you’re a couch potato or a fitness guru!
It is the perfect place for people who want to experience the fitness of mind, body and soul. Our Yoga classes are ideal for anyone who has been bogged down with their working schedules, or the daily stresses life throws at us. Yoga is simply an enjoyable class that increases your cardio and circulatory health and improves your athletic performance. More importantly, it helps you to relax and handle stressful situations easier. We teach you how to quiet the mind so you can focus your energy where you want it. Our classes encourage positive thoughts and self- acceptance.

Our resident yoga teacher, Orla Kenny, started her practice of yoga many years ago in an unlikely yoga setting. It began in an elaborate gym environment when she was more concerned about getting a flat stomach than the actual practice of yoga. “To be honest back then I thought stress was something that doctors blamed every medical condition on when they didn’t have the answers. I was totally unaware of the effects of our emotions on our bodies. I may not have the washboard abs I set out to get but I gained something much more! I have what I call a safety net for when things do not go to plan. Lets face it life cannot always go to plan. Yoga allows me to deal with life’s curve balls without breaking”

She began practicing yoga and it quickly became an integral part of her life. It was through this practice that Orla experienced the truly transformative power of yoga. Along with health and fitness benefits, yoga helped her to find balance and tranquility in her everyday life. She completed her 250 hour Foundation Yoga Teacher Training (FTTY) and is certified under the UK Yoga Alliance umbrella. Her training was taken under the renowned tutelage of Lisa Wilkinson and Susan Church at The Elbowroom in Stoneybatter, Dublin.

Her classes are dynamic and flowing, and, with a focus on breath and cultivating awareness she hopes to share the truly wonderful and unique benefits that yoga can bring to anyone who wants to practice. Orla refers to herself as a student of yoga and her studies will continue to keep her classes fresh and inspiring. She is currently attending an advanced 300-hour training from an expert team of international teachers.

Unlimited Yoga Today classes only €50 per month!